Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner

How We Can Assist

Assistance for Ethics Executives and Designated Officials

Under the Public Service of Ontario Act, 2006 (PSOA) ethics executives and other designated Ontario government officials may seek the Conflict of Interest Commissioner's assistance in the course of fulfilling their responsibilities related to promoting ethical conduct within their organizations.


Acting as Ethics Executive

Each current and former public servant has an ethics executive:


Advice on Financial Declarations

The Public Service of Ontario Act, 2006 requires certain public servants to make a financial declaration to the Conflict of Interest Commissioner.


Political Activity Authorization for Specially Restricted Part-Time Appointees

Political activity rules apply to public servants at all times, not only during election periods, and public servants should be mindful of the rules whenever they take part in political activity. The political activity restrictions that apply to public servants vary depending on their roles and responsibilities.


Advice on Public Bodies' Rules

The conflict of interest rules set out in Ontario Regulation 381/07 apply to all public servants in ministries and public bodies, including appointees. Public bodies are those agencies, boards and commissions listed in Ontario Regulation 147/10.