Welcome to our newly redesigned website. This is the first time since our initial site was created almost six years ago that it has undergone a complete refresh. We learned a few things over the years, and received some really good feedback from both regular and infrequent visitors about how it can be improved and what you would like to see.

You spoke and we listened!

We have improved the site to offer a more intuitive navigational structure. It is now easier for the user to locate the information they’re seeking, whether it relates to rules or fact sheets on conflict of interest, financial declarations or political activity, or simply finding out who is your ethics executive.

In addition to the useful information about the rules and regulations that you expect to find on our site, you will also find updates on current activities or recent events in the broader ethics community. The Commissioner’s blog will no doubt offer you an opportunity to hear directly from, and engage with, the Commissioner about a current or pertinent issue. We will also post helpful instructional videos that depict common conflict of interest dilemmas public servants face in their daily work life.

Please take the time to peruse and become familiar with the site. Your feedback is always appreciated and we hope to see you again.

Goar on Ethics

Noted Toronto Star columnist Carol Goar writes about what she perceives as a decline in ethical standards among senior elected officials. We often think of ethics in terms of the infraction of explicit rules or codes. Goar talks about standards of integrity and behaviour and personal accountability, also important considerations when discussing ethics in politics and government.