Ethics Executive Orientation Workshops

Welcome! Ethics executives are an important part of upholding the public’s trust. Ethics executives are responsible for providing advice and making determinations on ethics matters within a public body or government organization.

We believe providing education and support to new and existing ethics executives is an important part of our mandate. Ethics executives need to understand their role and the rules they must use when making decisions on conflicts of interest. They also need to know what support is available to them in making these determinations.

Part of the support our office provides is a 3 hour orientation workshop in Toronto. These workshops are designed for agency chairs and designated ethics executives. Invitees may bring other appointees and senior employees who could benefit from the orientation.

The goal of the orientation workshop  is to help ethics executives understand how and when to engage our office and to build their capacity in making ethical determinations. The Integrity Commissioner of Ontario, who has a responsibility for whistle blowing and several other mandates affecting public servants directly, also joins us in hosting these workshops.

If you are an agency chair or designated ethics executive who has not been oriented, and would like to make sure you are invited to the next workshop, click here and send us a note.