Service standards

Standards for responding to requests and inquiries

All agencies of the Ontario government are expected to adhere to certain service standards. In our case, the service standards relate to our responses to inquiries, feedback, or complaints. We apply our values in our efforts to meet or exceed these standards.

Requests and inquiries typically move through either two or three stages, depending on how the matter relates to the commissioner’s mandate and the complexity of the matter:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Gathering additional information (if necessary)
  • Response (redirecting the inquiry, providing advice, or making a determination, as the case may be)

With all responses, we make every effort to meet or exceed the timeliness criteria specified in the Ontario government service standards.

Standards for addressing feedback and complaints

In accordance with Ontario government service standards, we acknowledge feedback or complaints about our service or a staff member within two working days if received verbally or by telephone. If received by mail or electronically, we acknowledge receipt within five working days.  Our acknowledgement indicates that we will respond within fifteen working days. In the case of a complex situation where fifteen days is not sufficient, we give an estimate of the additional time required. We endeavour to respond in a format that is accessible to the person providing feedback.