Feedback and complaints

The Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner is committed to providing quality service. Feedback assists us in meeting that commitment. We have a process in place to ensure that we respond to complaints and suggestions in a timely, transparent, and fair manner.

What is covered by this process

Although the commissioner’s mandate is limited to matters concerning Ontario public servants, other individuals may make inquiries. Our process is available to any individual who has contacted our office. It applies to all complaints concerning our procedures for acknowledging, redirecting, or responding to any inquiry.

What is not covered by this process

The process does not apply to dissatisfaction with the commissioner’s advice, determinations, or other decisions. In such instances, we would advise the complainant of an appropriate process for seeking a resolution, including any possible avenue for requesting that the commissioner reconsider the matter.

Methods for providing feedback or lodging a complaint

Individuals may contact us electronically, by letter, by telephone, or by TTY. We respond to all suggestions or complaints, and we make every effort to resolve them and explain our response.

A suggestion or complaint about our service should be directed to the attention of our executive director.

A complaint about a staff member may be raised with the staff member directly or directed to the attention of the executive director. A complaint about the executive director may be forwarded to the commissioner or to the Minister of Government Services.

The following options are available for asking questions or providing feedback regarding our service standards or this process:


By Letter:
Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner
2 Bloor Street E., Suite 1802
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3J5

By telephone/TTY: 416-325-1571 or 1-866-956-1191

By fax: 416-325-4330