About Us

Welcome to our website. Here you will find essential information about the responsibilities of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner and about the ways in which our office assists public servants and government officials as part of Ontario’s ethical framework.

The Public Service of Ontario Act, 2006 (PSOA) and Ontario Regulation 381/07 set out rules for public servants about conflict of interest and political activity. The conflict of interest rules are intended to ensure that public servants’ private interests are not in conflict with their public service responsibilities. The political activity rules strive to balance the neutrality of the public service with an individual’s ability to engage in political activity.

The commissioner has a leadership role in raising awareness among public servants about the conflict of interest and political activity rules that affect them when they are carrying out their duties. The commissioner also assists public servants in ministries and specified government agencies (known as public bodies) in addressing specific conflict of interest and political activity matters.

In these ways, the commissioner contributes to the government’s efforts to maintain an ethical and non-partisan public service. The commissioner’s full responsibilities are set out in the PSOA.