Involved in a Steering Committee (P01-17/18)

The public servant is a board member of a public agency.  In this capacity, she is involved in shaping the broader strategy for the public agency.  She has been invited to take part in a steering committee whose mandate is in the same general field as that of the public agency, though the two are not directly related.  As a member of the steering committee, she may be asked to comment on governance structures, funding models, and system planning, among other things.

As a board member for the public agency, the public servant is privy to confidential information touching on governance issues, funding models, and system planning.  Though there is no intersection between the public agency and the steering committee at the present time, there is a potential for the two to overlap in the future, as they operate in the same general field.  In such event, the public servant could potentially be involved in discussions or decision-making at one that could impact the other.

The public servant was reminded of her confidentiality obligations owed to the public agency, and advised to be careful not to reveal any such confidential information to the steering committee, particularly on the topic of the agency’s strategy and planning.  Additionally, she was advised to withdraw from any discussions and decision-making taking place at either the public agency or the steering committee that could impact the other.  The public servant agreed to keep the ethics executive apprised of her work with the steering committee as it progressed, to ensure that any new conflicts could be addressed in a timely manner.

O. Reg. 381/07, s. 5, 8 & 9.