Selling Things to Other Public Servants (M06-17/18)

A public servant had a part-time side business selling consumer products. All sales took place outside of regular work hours. The public servant’s customers included other public servants. The public servant’s duties to the Crown included, on occasion, an oversight role in respect of other public servants.

Subsection 3(1) of the Conflict of Interest Rules prohibits a public servant from using or attempting to use his or her employment by the Crown to directly or indirectly benefit himself or herself.

Section 6 of O. Reg. 381/07 prohibits a public servant, when performing his or her duties to the Crown, from giving preferential treatment to any person or entity. A public servant must also endeavor to avoid creating the appearance that preferential treatment is being given.

Paragraph 5 of Section 8 of O. Reg. 381/07 prohibits employment in an outside business if any person would derive an advantage from the public servant’s employment as a public servant or if it would interfere with the public servant’s ability to perform their duties.

The ethics executive determined that the public servant’s side business has the potential to create a conflict of interest. To address the potential conflict of interest, the ethics executive directed the public servant not to use the public servant’s employment by the Crown to market or promote the side business or solicit customers, and to recuse him/herself from oversight activity involving a public servant who is a customer of the side business or who, within the prior 12 months, has been a customer of the side business.

O. Reg. 381/07, s. 3, 6 & 8.