Sharing Our Stories Easily! – A New Search Tool

In my previous blog, I discussed how our agency routinely publishes summaries of decisions that are novel or interesting in order to assist public servants and ethics executives in consistently interpreting and applying the conflict of interest and political activity rules. These are available in our annual reports and from our internet site.

I also discussed an initiative to invite other ethics executives to provide our office with summaries of decisions made by them, so that we could make them available on our internet site together with our own. We had already received 27 decision summaries from various ministry ethics executives, and would soon be reaching out to public bodies (agencies).

Most important of all, I explained that we were working  on developing a more useful and sophisticated search tool for decision summaries. This tool would allow users to find relevant summaries much more quickly and easily.

It is done!

We have now launched our new search tool for decision summaries.

The tool allows the user to search summaries by type of matter (e.g., conflict of interest, political activity), by a particular rule (e.g., accepting gifts, hiring family members, switching sides), and by source of decision (i.e., Conflict of Interest Commissioner, ministry ethics executive, or public body ethics executive). There is also a keyword search.

Please visit our decision summaries page and try our new search tool.

Agencies and ministries should feel free to send us summaries of interesting conflict of interest or political activity decisions they have made.

Our aim is to accumulate a significant number of diverse, rich and interesting decision summaries that will serve as an important resource and promote the consistent application of Ontario’s public service ethics rules.

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