Member of an Advisory Board (M04-16/17)

A senior employee of a ministry sought advice as to whether they could serve as a member of an advisory council to a university-based centre with a mandate affecting the same stakeholder group as the employee’s ministry. The public servant was involved in defining the government’s policy and program priorities affecting the stakeholder group and in making funding decisions concerning its communities, programs and organizations.

The ethics executive concluded that some advisory council responsibilities could raise concerns under conflict of interest rules that prohibit preferential treatment or the deriving of advantage from one’s position as a public servant.

The ethics executive advised the public servant not to participate in discussions concerning sources of centre funding or efforts to solicit provincial funding or to lobby the government in connection with the centre; not to use government premises, equipment or supplies for activities related to the centre; to communicate clearly that they did not participate in the advisory council on behalf of the crown and that any views expressed were personal and did not necessarily reflect those of the Crown; and to recuse themselves from involvement in any discussions or activities that could be construed to be in conflict with the employee’s role as a public servant, and to notify the council of any such conflict.

O. Reg. 381/07, s. 6 & 8.