Elected Mayor (M02-16/17)

A public servant was elected mayor of a small town (fewer than 1,000) after serving as councillor. One year after their election, the public servant declared a potential conflict of interest to their ethics executive.

The public servant’s mayoral duties were performed outside of normal business hours. The public servant worked in a technical position unrelated to their mayoral duties, so there did not appear to be any overlap between the public servant’s duties and their municipal responsibilities. Nor was there any obvious conflict between the public servant’s responsibilities and the interests of the Crown.

The ethics executive advised the public servant that they should have notified the ethics executive when first elected mayor, rather than one year later. However, the ethics executive also advised the public servant that provided their elected position was not so demanding of their time as to interfere with their duties as a public servant, serving as mayor did not raise a conflict that warranted termination. The public servant was also advised to recuse themselves in any situation where they might have to take a position contrary to the interests of the Crown or which might put them in conflict with the Crown.

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