Spouse is Head of Stakeholder Organization (M17-16/17)

The declarant’s spouse was the incoming head of an organization which was one of the ministry’s main stakeholders. The declarant occupied a management position within the ministry, in a part of the ministry that did not normally interact with the organization, but that was involved in supporting initiatives in which the organization had an interest.

The declarant, as part of their public service role, would be aware of confidential information that would be of interest to the organization of which the declarant’s spouse was to become the head.

The ethics executive determined that there was potential for a conflict between the declarant’s public service duties and their spousal relationship. The declarant was directed to recuse himself/herself from any matters in their public service role in which the organization in question was participating, and was reminded of the obligation not to disclose confidential information, provide preferential treatment or otherwise use employment with the Crown to benefit one’s spouse.

O. Reg. 381/07, s. 3, 5 & 6.