Building Trust in Government – Publication of Ethics Conference Proceedings

Our recent public sector ethics conference, entitled “Building Trust in Government”, as discussed in two of my earlier blogs in July and December 2016, was a great success. The goal of the conference was to bring a diverse group of professionals together to discuss public sector ethics, strengthen relationships within the ethics practitioner community, expand our networks and identify potential solutions to common challenges.

Feedback from conference participants was overwhelmingly positive, and hopefully the conference was the beginning of what will be an active and ongoing discussion.

The conference took place in the shining new Jackman Law Building, re-furbished headquarters of the University of Toronto Law School. The Honourable Hal Jackman, noted philanthropist and former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, whose generosity made the new facility possible, attended the conference. And of course, we are grateful to Ed Iacobucci, Dean of U of T Law School, for his remarks and for allowing us to use the venue.

The proceedings of the conference have been recorded in an issue of Public Sector Management, the magazine of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), whose invaluable partnership was critical to the success of the conference. IPAC also produced a short video synopsis of the conference. Anita Anand and Lorne Sossin are editing a volume of papers to be published in Canadian Public Administration.

Once again, I want to thank all the conference organizers, speakers, and panel members, as well as the many participants who gave us their time and interest.

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