Hanging my shingle, Part 1 (C01-14/15)

A designated senior public servant in a public body was on a paid leave of absence.  Following the expiration of the paid leave of absence, the public servant was due to retire.  The public servant wished to work as an independent consultant while on the paid leave, building on her career as a public servant, and had been approached with specific opportunities.

The Commissioner determined that while on the paid leave of absence, the public servant could provide independent consulting services, in specific scenarios, but that the in-service conflict of interest rules continued to apply.  The public servant’s work as a consultant must not conflict with her duties to the Crown, and no person could derive an advantage, in connection with her consulting work, as a result of her employment with the public body. In addition, the public servant must not appear to give clients of the public body any preferential treatment.  Specifically, the public servant should not participate in discussions or decisions with other entities with respect to clients of the public body.

The Commissioner reminded the public servant that on retirement, the post-service conflict of interest rules would apply, including the one-year restriction on lobbying and employment.

O. Reg. 381/07, s. 6, 8, 9.