Public Sector and MPP Accountability and Transparency Act

The MPP and Public Sector Accountability and Transparency Act, also known as Bill 8, has been in the news a lot. While the bill does not affect the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, it introduces several changes to the accountability framework for the Government of Ontario. The Act received Royal Assent on December 11. Different parts of the Act will be brought into force over time by proclamation.

Among other things, the new Act gives the government the authority to establish compensation frameworks for agency executives, requires certain agencies to publish business plans and other documents, requires Cabinet ministers, parliamentary assistants, opposition leaders and their staff to publish expenses, establishes a patient ombudsman, prohibits the willful concealment, alteration or destruction of public records, expands the investigatory power of the Integrity Commissioner, and extends the jurisdiction of the provincial Ombudsman into the broader public sector.

Click here for the government’s official media release.

Click here to view the bill and its commentary.