Appointed to the Board of a Second Public Body (C10-12/13)

The chair of a public body sought a determination on whether there was the potential for a conflict should he/she also be appointed to the board of a second public body. The second public body’s objectives included soliciting money and property and entering into partnerships and agreements with the private sector or public bodies.

The Commissioner determined that there would be some potential for conflicts of interest arising from performing both roles. The Commissioner advised the chair that he/she should not recommend or influence a partnership with the second public body if appointed to its board. To ensure this, the Commissioner recommended that the chair recuse him/herself from discussions and decisions at both public bodies where they involved the other public body. Moreover, the Commissioner recommended that the public servant not solicit funds on behalf of the second public body from the public body that he/she chairs, its stakeholders, or the Government of Ontario.

O. Reg. 381/07, s. 6 & 8.