Free Tickets (C08-08/09)

The chair of an adjudicative agency asked the commissioner to determine whether it would be appropriate for him/her to accept free tickets, of nominal value, to an event hosted by a private sector organization. The chair was the former chair of a regulatory agency responsible for governing and regulating the private sector organization.

In his capacity as the chair’s ethics executive, the commissioner determined that the role and function of the adjudicative agency the individual presently chaired had no connection to the private sector organization offering the tickets, and that the chair no longer had any decision-making power with respect to the regulation of the private sector organization. The commissioner thus determined that accepting the invitation would not influence the chair in performing his/her current duties as chair of an adjudicative agency. Accordingly, accepting free tickets of nominal value under these circumstances was not prohibited under section 4(1) of Ontario Regulation 381/07.

O. Reg. 381/07, s. 4.