Private Sector Event Tickets (C09-07/08)

The chair of a regulatory agency asked the commissioner to determine whether it would be appropriate for the chair to accept free tickets to two events hosted by a private sector organization.

In his capacity as the chair’s ethics executive, the commissioner determined that accepting the free tickets would be prohibited under section 4(1) of Ontario Regulation 381/07 because the tickets had a relatively high face value, the agency regularly makes decisions that may affect the organization’s business, and a reasonable person might conclude that the gift could influence the chair when performing his/her decision-making duties.

The commissioner directed the chair not to accept the free tickets. The commissioner also advised the chair that the PSOA would not prohibit the chair from attending the events if he/she paid for the tickets. The chair confirmed that he/she would not accept the free tickets, but would pay for them if he/she decided to attend the events.

O. Reg. 381/07, s. 4.